Friday, June 24, 2011

Such a drag sometimes!

Work has been INCREDIBLY slow lately. There are so many girls also that hours have been cut and there's been upwards of 8-10 girls on the floor. We're not that big of a restaurant, so it's very difficult to make money lately. Behind bar, I'm still making over 100 dollars, but I'm working very hard for it. I just can't WAIT for summer to end so the busy season can start back up again. I haven't had any insanely awesome stories to write on here since my hours are cut short. My manager has told all of us though that they're going to start giving hours based on sales, whether your image is good or not, stuff like that. My sales are pretty good, I'm a good employee and always on time, and I've only been told to get my nails done to make my image perfect (I haaaattteee getting my nails done so I really don't think I'll do this). Hopefully I'll have lots of hours again soon enough.

On that note, while I've been off from work, I've been spending time with my new boyfriend! He likes telling people he's dating a Hooters girls lol! He seems to think though that I get hit on a lot. Blah, if he only knew the guys who came through that hit on me. . . . old nasty perverted men -_-. But my boyfriend is amazing and he treats me like a princess. I'm definitely in love :) <3

Ugh, I wish I had some actual stories for you guys, but I really don't. I'm gonna have to start thinking of different things to write about regarding work. We'll see!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

I'm always trying to find ways to enjoy work. It can really get old coming in at night, dealing with the same customers, the same food, the same girls, every. single. night. So once in a while, roomie and I will search for new games or items to bring to work to keep us entertained. We've brought her Wii to play, we've brought card games, we've made obstacle courses, but NOTHING compares to what we found last night.


The restaurant closes at midnight, so roomie and I donned our headbands (yes, we bought headbands), our vests, and received 3 squishy balls each and ran around the restaurant pegging each other with these balls. Whoever got the ball to stick on the vest first, won. When the other girls saw us playing, they wanted to join also. Even our manager and a few customers were dying to play!

While this was going on, we managed to get my iphone hooked up to the stereo system and played Pandora Radio throughout the restaurant. Little things like this make work actually fun. It makes me WANT to go into work and play. Telling us we can't do this or that when it's encouraged by corporate to have fun is so confusing. But hopefully after last night, we'll get to do more things like that more often!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not related to work at all

I also wanted to add one more thing, since I do like to keep track of my life via this blog sometimes. But C and I are completely done. He wasn't what I thought and I did get really hurt in the process. I should have listened to the warnings that I got and I should have listened to my head, but I didn't.

I'm getting boyfriend fever . . . -_- I want a guy to be with and to love me for me. I'm so picky and I refuse to settle for anything less than what I deserve, but damn I hate being single now. I've been single for almost a year. It's getting old and quick.

Not my fault this time!!

So sorry everyone, but my school account decided to change and do some crazy stuff without me knowing. As a result, my email for this blog became altered and I had been working for the past month to figure out how to log into my account. I ended up just completely changing my email for this blog and I should be alright now. We'll see!

Time to catch you lovely readers up on what's been going on in the land of Hooterville! About two weeks ago we had the Hooter's Swimwear Contest. This year's theme was Gangster/Roaring 20's theme. Roomie was pushed by our GM to be in the contest, even though she really didn't want to. Unfortunately, it became a scheduled shift and she couldn't back out. So off we went (with our other friend in tow) to look for a gangster costume she could wear. This was SO not easy!! But roomie and friend found one and she looked awesome in the contest!! She did not place in the top ten, but three other girls from our store did (out of 31 girls). I was so proud of them!! All of our girls worked very hard to be up there. I was sad though because I got a few regulars telling me I should have been up there. I'm just too self conscious about my lack of boobies and my stomach that I couldn't see myself up on that runway. Next year though, I want to try for real.

I cannot forget to talk about S. Now, I try very hard to give all the new girls who come into the restaurant a chance. But I also know when someone will be gone relatively soon after they get hired. S was like that. This woman really gave us a bad name for a bit because she had no line of decency. She would tell our customers while pouring beer, "I always give head. And I won't stop until you tell me to. . . " all while acting sultry. This woman was a Hooter's Girl back in '99 and had no concept of anything. She had fake hair, fake teeth, a fake nose, and fake boobs. I have no problem with this, but when she looked really fake and has all the customers asking if she was once a man . . . :( Suffice to say, she was let go the other night. We get some interesting girls.

Now I know Hooters gets a bad rap because apparently we're all sluts, but I've never heard a story quite like this. I was off this night, but we had one girl who's name is A. She was sitting with one guy at her table, talking and laughing with him for quite some time. He wasn't eating, only drinking. Apparently, a woman came storming up to A and yelled out "I see you staring this man in the eye! I'm not stupid! I KNOW what you're trying to do, you whore! YOU'RE A PROSTITUTE AND ARE TRYING TO SELL YOUR SERVICES!!!" At this point, our manager comes out after hearing the commotion and he gets her wrath as she screams that she will never enter a Hooters again because they're just a prostitution ring. Um, ok? I couldn't help but laugh when I heard this story. Once again, I must mention that we have girls going to college, already have their degrees, are mothers and wives and innocent girls. We are not whores at all. It's funny though to hear it. :)

I know there are more stories to tell, but I cannot think of them at the moment. Does anyone know of an app that works well for on-the-go blogging? I need one for my iphone so I don't have to go forever and a day and wait to get to my computer to tell my stories.

Also, my birthday's coming up! Dunno what that has to do with anything, but I'm excited!! :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Drama and Audits! Oh and annoying people.

I really need to get my internet card back up and running again. I'm at my parent's apartment right now using their wifi for this. I could always update this from my phone, but it's not that easy :( So, I'm updating now! And boy, is it a loonnnggg update.

I'll update with work first, since this is my Hooters blog after all :) There is so much drama and anger at work right now that it really makes going to work almost a chore right now. Everything from the schedule, the new girls, who does what to help out everyone else, and everything in between is causing fights with everyone. This is such a recent thing that it's really just a hassle going in to work. I'm too old for this drama! I'm just trying to make some money! lol

The other night I worked bar and work was dead. I was making amazing tips since the people who came in knew me and always tip me really well. For some reason though, every annoying mother effer also decided to sit at the bar. There was one guy who loves to just act like such an asshole (I kept asking him what he wanted to order for dinner and he would smirk and stare at me. Then I'd walk away since I had other things to do and he'd bitch about how he wanted to order. . . um ok??), another guy who talks my ear off and thinks everything he says is funny (and he tips horrible, but that's not really my complaint with him), and then there's the last guy who LOOOVVVEESSS my roomie (in a very creepy way) but can't stand me. Haha, so all of these guys sat at my bar within close times and let me just say . . . I was faking a smile for at least an hour. What I really wanted to do was yell at the top of my lungs, "WHY DO YOU GUYS ANNOY ME SO MUCH!?!?!"

I also want to give a quick bit about one of my favorite customers. There's one guy who comes in and literally puts a smile on my face whenever I see him. He is one of the few customers I can talk to about my personal life and I can trust him not to say anything to anyone else. He listens and gives advice, but also laughs and makes me feel like I'm really funny. He's a caretaker for a mentally challenged guy named Michael and it's so amazing to watch them interact. This guy is so over the top nice and I always tell him it makes me so happy to see him. It's nice to have a break from some of the weird, creepy guys.

We have our big big boss coming in tomorrow and I'm so nervous! I need to make sure my hair looks perfect, my outfit is spotless, my shoes cleaner than clean, and my makeup nothing short of hot. Eeeeeek! I don't want them to be like, "GIRL WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR LOOK?!?!" That would suck hardcore.

Now, another reason why my update took so long this time is because I've been talking to a new guy. I've been referring to him as C and it's been pretty interesting to talk to him lol. We're taking things day by day and slow. He's been hurt very bad by his ex girlfriend and I'm very afraid to open up to him, only to get hurt. He's in the air force and just got back from Iraq. We met through his best friend and my roomie (who are dating lol) and we all went out for St. Patrick's Day way back last month. Of course, there are days that I can't read him and it bothers me, but then he makes up for it by being really sweet and patient. So we'll see what happens, I guess. I'm honestly hoping this could go somewhere, but I'm not holding my breath, especially after everything with Jonathan.

Hopefully my next update won't be so far away. I always have funny stories when I get out of work, its just that typing it all from my phone is so tedious sometimes. I also wanted to say hi to all my new followers! HI FOLLOWERS!!! :D

also . . . I like comments . . . just saying :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

Sorry I wasn't able to update the past few days. I've had a lot going on and a lot on my mind. But let's start back with St. Patrick's Day.

Roomie and I worked together that day. She was working the bar and I was on the floor. I managed to pick a pretty good section, but one girl needed to pay her boyfriend's parents 600 dollars that weekend and her section would not help her in that department. So I switched with her and ended up in the very back. I didn't think anything of it and just waited for the crowd to come in. Now, apparently last year the girls were supposed to wear schoolgirl costumes. This year, management decided against it. Thank God because walking around with a skirt that would barely cover my ass was not something I was looking forward to.

So la la la, work is dead and we're just hanging out and taking pictures of our very cute St. Patrick's Day uniforms and makeup. Then . . . . the crowd rushes in. And boy oh boy did it rush in.

I had four tables (a 2-top, 3-top, 5-top, and 4-top) and then I had a 14-top. I can usually handle tables like this, even though I am rushing around like a madwoman. I know I can handle these types of tables. But the kitchen was backed up and food was taking about an hour and fifteen minutes to get out to the tables. Woah what? Yup, over an hour for your food to get to your table from the time you order it. Suffice to say, my tables were not very happy, even when I tried to explain that I'm trying to my hardest to get the food out. It's not my fault and the kitchen can only do so much.

Roomie said the place was PACKED and every girl was running around trying their hardest. It definitely put UFC nights and Football Sundays to shame as far as their attendance is concerned. Luckily, my tables (except my 5-top) understood and still left amazing tips for me. I was so shocked because I did not expect to make what I did that morning. At the end of the shift, all the girls and I looked at each other and just laughed. That was all we could do.

At least I got to go out for drinks later that night!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not everyone is there for the wings

I'm working my typical Monday night bar shift tonight and things were a tad bit boring. I mean really boring. Then some guy sits and he seems normal. Orders a mich ultra draft beer and just looks around for a bit. No problem. I just tend to my other customers and check to see if Mich Ultra needs anything from time to time.

A bit later two guys come in and we're screwing around with each other, giving each other a hard time and just being dumb. I walk away to put some glasses in the cooler and walk back to the guys. Guy One gives me a grossed out look and shakes his head. I ask him what's up because I hope on everything he wasn't making the look toward me. He nods toward Mich Ultra and his voice gets really low.

"Dude over there keeps looking at your ass when you bend over and licking his lips and stuff."

I look over my shoulder and, sure enough, Mich Ultra is wiping drool from his lips, licking them, and not only looking at my butt and boobs, but other girls as they walk by. Roomie was working tonight so I call her over and she rolls her eyes and says, "Oh yeah, he's creepy. He usually gets really drunk and then tries to walk out on his tab."

Sooooo what do I do? I ask him if he wants anything else (at this point he's had three small beers) and he says no. I put the check down and make sure he pays. . . But not before secretly being sketched out. Why must I attract the creepsters??

Otherwise, work was insanely dead all weekend. I was shocked, considering we were showing the boxing match on Saturday. Hopefully we'll get a better turnout for the next fight. I would appreciate the money :)